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Brace Yourself Records was founded in London in early 2020 as an offshoot from esteemed PR company Brace Yourself – a group of likeminded friends and peers who’ve spent the best part of a decade working across press, radio and beyond for an eclectic, game-changing roster that runs the gamut from Tricky to Manic Street Preachers, from Dinosaur Jr. to Nubya Garcia.

With BY Records, the goal is simple: to champion the best and most innovative new music, to lift up and work closely with acts who sound exciting from the very first note, to use years of industry experience to present them in their truest light and to grow with them every step of the way.

From avant-punk to jazz-laced post-rock and on to mischievous pop, in less than two years the BY Records family has grown to incorporate an electrifying array of artists more linked by ideology than any tired notions of genre – a home for those with unique voices and the drive to use them in engaging, unexpected ways. Where once Brace Yourself lived to tell stories, now we’re here to help write them…

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